Wellington Warrant of Fitness

Every car needs to pass a Warrant of Fitness every six months or yearly to be certified for road use. The process ensures that your vehicle is safe to be driven on the road. Page European provides a simple and effective WOF service in central Wellington. Ensuring your car is road legal has never been easier. If you are tired of waiting in line for your vehicle to be checked, at Page European, you can book a specific time to bring your car in and can even leave it with us for the day. We are only a short distance away from central Wellington, so you can go to work and do your job without missing your car!

Car Warrant Of Fitness

Complete your WOF with Page European

The technicians at Page European take the time to assess all parts of your vehicle to ensure that it is safe for use on the street. The top three things that cars most commonly fail their WOF on are lights, tyres and brakes, so it is worth checking some common things before booking in your vehicle. Our team can often repair issues on the spot if your car fails. Unlike other WOF technicians, you won’t need to come for a recheck at a later date, as we can complete the maintenance on the day of your booking. If it’s something more serious, we can also take care of it for you and explain all the necessary steps that you may need to take to fix the issue.

We perform Warrant of Fitness assessments on all Japanese and European vehicles, and our specialist technicians can make sure your car is fit for service.

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If you need to renew your Warrant of Fitness in Wellington, get in touch with Page European today. Our team will ensure your car is road legal and will do all small repairs on the day if needed. We are great partners for all your European and Japanese vehicles.

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