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Would you like to make sure there is no underlying issue with your European or Japanese vehicle? Has your car not been performing to its greatest potential, and you are wondering if there is a problem somewhere? Bring your vehicle in for a service to Page European so that we can identify any undetected issues and solve them before you need to spend money on costly emergency repairs. A service check with our team ensures that your car is well maintained, reliable and performing to its highest potential. A standard car service is recommended once a year to ensure everything is working as well as it should be.

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We Offer A Service That Suits Your Needs

The team at Page European are highly experienced in working on European and Japanese models in the Wellington region and can quickly and effectively diagnose any underlying issues that your vehicle might have. Our basic service includes checking your engine, drive belts, radiator, battery, tyres, wiper blades, windscreen and cooling system. All fluids are also automatically checked and topped up if needed. An oil filter change and oil change is included in our prices as well.

The Page European team can perform additional services or repairs on any electrical features and components in your vehicle, such as lighting, door locks, windows, airbags and other computerised parts. Just let us know you would like us to take a look at these features when you drop your car off, and we will be sure to perform a thorough service, especially if your vehicle hasn’t been checked in a long time.

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Contact us today to book a service with our professional technicians. A service history always comes in handy when you are trying to sell your car or would just like to make sure that everything is in order!

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